2 Mind Hacks To Help You Appreciate Life More

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Sean Knows Meditating“I never pass up a blessing from a holy man or woman; whenever I think I need advice, I ask myself the same questions that I would ask anyone else, and when somebody tells me that there is a mind hack to enjoying life more, I try it out.” -Sean D. Olivares

These are just a few of the simple and fun rules I have for myself as I move through life that I’ve learned along the way. Today I’m sharing some knowledge on the topic of ‘mind hacks in appreciation’ that significantly improved my life recently and I wish I had learned them at a much earlier age. I wish I’d paid attention to things like this. We hear them but sometimes dismiss them as foolish, not for us, or they just don’t make sense.  Some things don’t have to make sense in order to work.  That’s the cool thing about a ‘mind hack’.  The science of ways to trick the mind for our benefit is available and will work without us understanding how.  Let’s look at these 2 mind hacks that can drastically increase the value of our lives, put more life in our years, and help us appreciate our own unique experience more.  These 2 have to do with appreciation and if you missed the last blog on the topic, you can click here to read or listen to it. If you aren’t a subscriber to this blog, then subscribe at the bottom of this page, too.


Two Quick Sean Knows Notes:

1) What is a Mind Hack? I say that its a way to trick and upgrade the brain for increased performance and a better life. If you’d like a longer definition, click here. If you’d like recommended reading on this important topic of human potential, I recommend Mind Hacks: Tips & Tools for Using Your Brain by Tom Stafford & Matt Webb. If you’d like an amazing program that teaches you how to use more of your mind, then click here

2)What is Appreciation?Appreciation Definition Sean Knows

You can read more about this topic from the last blog HOW TO APPRECIATE ANYTHING AT ALL and at the end of this blog there will be a 5 minute YouTube video that you can use to tap into that kind of emotion. I highly recommend it daily.


Hack #1 
“Trade Your Expectation for Appreciation and the World Changes Instantly.” – Tony Robbins

Appreciation is like magic. It Expectation Appreciation Tony Robbins Sean Knows copycan turn any single moment into a magnificent life but it must be used by us. In the ordinary moments of life, we can see perfection never before witnessed. In the darkest of moments, its the one thing that makes us transcend them with courage. In the brightest of times, appreciation can amplify and create an eternity.  If we shift from expecting that something should be a certain way and learn to appreciate what it is, we radically shift our attitude about a situation or event.  It’s the difference between feeling like we are owed something to feeling in awe about something as if it were a gift. Expectation is time oriented either towards the past or the future measuring something not received or something we hope to gain. It tends to breed the pain of loss or anxiety from potential disappointment.  Appreciation, on the other hand, is time focused on the now.  It is focused on the present moment and everything in it; it sits holding all possible outcomes conceivable at an infinite level. This mind hack allows us to think clearly and be more productive being able to see clearly all that is currently present in our lives and increasing the value of it right here and now.  It allows us to increase the powerful drugs in our brains induced by gratitude which help our mind and body perform better. It also brings a smile to our faces in having a certainty that his moment is a gift and we need nothing else at all.  This trade-off provides the kind of power that can change our world in one single moment.

Hack #2 
Appreciate What is Present in Life

Tony Robbins asks the questions, “What if problems were always gifts? What if every single problem really was a gift in your life? What if every problem you every had was life happening for you and not to you? What if everything in our life was guided? What if everything in our life was divine timing? Everything…even the pain.”

Most people look at what is present and see what they don’t like about it, see it as a challenge, a pain, and not a present (a gift).  We all tend to bemoan circumstances we don’t like because our brains are wired to recognize pain and fear and account for it.  It makes decisions from the chemical cocktail provided by those emotions. When we start to focus on what is present and appreciate every single part of life as a gift that is serving us in a divine manner, then we know that we are being forged into something great and not a victim of circumstance; we know that ‘even this’ is  to learn from, to grow, and to appreciate.  We may not know what purpose the lesson or growth is for yet, but if we knew that it was for a greater purpose, we could more than just bare the pain or challenge; We could actually own it and use it. Red Rose, vectorAppreciating all that is present means to appreciate not just the beauty and fragrance of a rose, but also it’s struggle through the ground  and the thorns it has that protect it (even if those thorns sometimes hurt us ).  It means to know that everything that is ‘right here and right now’ in life is serving us.  It means that the most challenging internal struggle or atrocious event is meant for only one thing, our apparent victory in life.  The mind hack of learning to appreciate everything that is present in life provides an opportunity to be more curious, to gain internal strength and power in the moment so that we can be all that we are meant to become.  It gives us the chance to alter our perception and notice that what seems like a challenge is our gift.  It allows us to move from being the victim to the victor.  It also provides the brain an opportunity to be resourceful and flood the body with the proper mix of chemicals for more balanced decisions. It helps us to see things that have always been there and serving us.  To me, that sounds like something worth having.

Using these hacks and shifting perception can happen in an instant and its always superb to make it a practice.  We need know what gratitude or appreciation feels like in our nervous system and it would be a good thing to remind it often.  We need to learn how to ask better questions in the moment so that our brain seeks answers that support and empower us. We have an opportunity to make life much more enjoyable and to produce all the outcomes that we desire from relationships and money to health and our community.  If anything, we have an opportunity to be curious and play with our own minds so that we learn more about ourselves and what unique gifts we have to offer, to live a destiny and to create a legacy.  Getting to appreciation will certain help our life increase in value.

As I mentioned before, here is a short video with Tony Robbins that will talk you through living those experiences right here and right now so that you can learn to be grateful and appreciative in the moment.  Find a few minutes alone and try it out. Then, do it again until it makes sense.  Practices like this are the ultimate power to our lives as they provide valuable information to our mind and bodies to use for our benefit.  Of course, you don’t have to do any of this. That is your choice as well.

 This is Sean D. Olivares

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