If YOU Wished me a Happy Birthday!


If YOU Wished me a Happy Birthday!

Dear Friends,

It came and went! You have come and gone! Some of you are still here and others are not.  This is to show some appreciation, some time, some thought into each and every one of you who showed me the same in kind.  Look for your name. Tag someone to let them know if they haven’t seen it.  Oh yea…My Bday was July 26th.

I wrote this along the way over the last couple of months. It got lost and then found and here it is for you. Thank you! There were many phone calls, texts, cards, e-cards, and I couldn’t forget everyone who sang happy birthday to me and my daughter at the bonfire in San Diego.  So many were there and I thank all of you again. This is not the full list but the digital list. 😉

Kimberly Sellnow -I remember our amazing conference calls full of papaya and chocolate. I remember sitting with you finally in New Jersey to talk and the times we telephoned about parenting and business and I love you. Thank you for being in my life.

Angie Rodger – We’ve never met but have a similar heart and a tremendous amount of common OUTSTANDING Friends! Thank you for sharing Coldplay love with me through the years!

Uyanwune Greatchidozie – You are an inspiration! Thank you for being you!

Willard Barth – I honor your words and your commitment. Thank you and our mutual brother Jeff Lobeck once spoke of you so very highly that I look forward to meeting you one day!

Melanie Coffin – Thank you for all the smiles I see and all of your shares! They are endlessly grand in the most perfect of ways!

Sandi Loncar – We Finally met in Ft. Lauderdale this year! What love you have! Thank you!

Dara Dalton – We met through Corpus Christi Parkour. Thank you for following and training and continuing on in a wonderful spirit!

Judy Adams Sanchez – Once a buc! Thank you for your Support! Pay It Forward! ( I know you never got the bracelet, but you don’t need one to live it.) Thank you for being you!

Belinda Alvarez – Since way back in high school, you’ve had a big heart and many jokes. Thank you for bringing that into my life. And thank you for the support throughout the years!

Analisa Delossantos – All the way back in 5th grade you were my girlfriend for all of about 2 weeks in the summer! Thank you for our memories and your support and in your face wild humor!

Linker Casas – I would not be me without an amazing brother and mentor like you. Remember when we stood on that Stage in San Jose dreaming about it? What great laughs and heartfelt talks. Wow! You’ve helped me so much. Orale!

Liz Talerico – We met in Creative Writing Class in Highschool and many years later here we are and you still have a crush on me! :p Thank you!

Divian Govender – The United Nations of UPW Brother back in 2011 Florida. Thank you for your smile and laugh! Your brotherhood and breakfast with the others changed my life forever! God bless you on your health journey and I look forward to seeing you again.

Joe High – I’ve always loved coming across some of the things you’ve shared! Keep them coming! Thank you!

Andrea DiLorezo – My fox, my love, my heart, my soul. How my heart shutters at the thought of all you are! So beautiful, so amazing, so deep. How you gave me the very thing I never knew I wanted so much and still desire for ever more! Blessings! I beg you not to keep taking my breath away!

Yoni Plotkin – We are brothers in so many ways! People like you make people like us feel like we belong. Thank you!

Kriss Risks Harris – We met at one of the most powerful times back then. You your mate Jermaine in Florida. You posted this video once and I couldn’t stop listening to it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJ-5g71Ss5s Thank you brother! thank you….Unchained!

Stephanie Amspoker Overby – Thank you for all the likes, all the love, and for you being you and the connection we have. 😉

Jessica Carter Brace – You are so amazing and I remember hugging you once or twice at an event. Its a person with energy like yours that keeps me stepping up! Thank you!

Todd Smith – Thank you! You are a brother in fire and a blessing!

Diana Parra – One of my newest Friends! Thank you!

Patrick Garcia – Thank you for helping with the Corpus Christi Basket Brigade and for coming to my workshop vitality. Verity. Vision. two years ago! Thank you for all your support and interest. And now that you did the USANA True Health Assessment, lets get you some Olympic Level Products! Blessings to Sean, too! 😉

Hindy Zeifman-Stegman – I believe we hugged on the first day of Crew Ft. Lauderdale 2011. Thank you! That was my first time crewing!

George Tagle – Always a character! Thank you for all the laughs all the way back to high school!

Judy Madonna Moriarty – Thank you for being in my space and all the love you bring to the world!

Joe Giannola – Thank you for the talks in New Jersy and for looking out for my dad when he was there! Thank you for being in my life!

Veenu Keller – Oh you dont know how amazing you have been in my life. Words cannot describe the divine connection and synchronicity of our families. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Did I say thank you? Thank you!

Author Laura Kendall – What a blessing to have someone like you to watch in success of writing, marketing, and caring!

Silia Elizabeth Naranjo – thank you for supporting me so much back in the bartending days. thank Ruben for me too! You both are so awesome! Miss talking with you!

Robert Hinton – Big Brother, you have been the best through it all. I love you so much!

Deneen Renae – Thank you for all the color your bring! All the Chalk! All the words! Thank you!

Zeina Gharzouzi – My birthday buddy! You make me feel so special! thank you for sharing our fire energy with the world!

Alex Bynum – My little soul sister! Thank you for believing in my and looking up to me! HUGE HUGS AND HIGH FIVES! We met in New Jersey…..PAPAYA!

Kurt Weber – I owe my life to your patience. Without you, college would have been so much harder! Thank you for all the support and love in the recent years as well, pal!

Justin White – We finally met in Florida and words can’t express the gratitude. Thank you for being you! Brothers!

Gina Chacon – Going back oldshool to middle school when we called you Virginia and all the days we spent out and about being kids to young adults. Thank you for being part of my life!

Chris Parks – Thank you for coming out to Las Vegas for TEDx and to the bonfire for my birthday! You are awesome! Step Up!

Peter S. Parker – Thank you for your leadership and your service to our country. Thank you for the laughs and the knowledge, trouble!

Jerry Dugan – Thank you and thank you for always thinking of me. We share a common heart and I admire all that you have done and are doing to make our city and this world a better place.

Michael Romero – Leachim, my friend, my pen pal, my roommate, my confidant, my editor, and my deeply rooted Catholic friend. I honor you in my life. Thank you for being such a close friend. And thank you for having me in your wedding! RA2- Yuri’s Revenge for days!

Michael Ford – Thank you! High school was then, this is now. Thank you for still being around!

Christopher Mallia – Of all the laughs, the biggest one we had at Rob’s wedding about the Jedi – Sex teachers on site! I think my stomach still hurts from that laugh! Thank you!

Amy Arnold – Thank you Fire Soul SIster! And thank you for the love and healthy you bring to the world!

Amanda Arriaga – How could I not be thankful for your smile, your love, your humor, and friendship all the way back to high school? Thank you so much for bringing all that to my life!

Marc Bennet – Brother! Thank you! You taught me how to be Sexy Sweeper Captain in San Jose, are an inspiration in so many ways to my life, and I loved visiting your amazing tattoo shop and barber shop! thank you for getting us in to see Tim. So many blessings. Thank you! May Krishna bless you for all you do.

Milo Adorno – Hermano, Poeta, y amigo! Gracias para todo y for being you. 33 and so much more to come!

Jimmy Harding – Thank you! I’m honored to call you friend! I hope to see you again soon!

Patricia Mejia – There was always so magnetic and special about you. Thank you my beautiful latina friend for all that you do for the causes you do! Thank you for the friendships and smiles all the way back from STMU!
Alfonso Victoria – Your energy enlivened me when we met! Thank you! Thank you for who you are!

Sandi Medeiros – Thank you for all the chats and the time on the phone. I REALLY want to see your absolutely GORGEOUS face again. Blessings always. I’m with you in spirit through the light and the dark. Thank you for being with me!

Nolan Avery – I’ll never forget the kindness of letting us stay with our family in LA in 2011. I’ll never forget the tacos and the ride to Santa Monica Pier and letting me play with the arsenal of weapons in your cache! Thank you!

Carlos E. Rodriguez – I honor you and what you stand for! Thank you for cooking the BBQ in San Jose and for your leadership! I will see you again somewhere sometime. I have a feeling about it! Thank you!

Tomacita Garcia Olivares – Thank you for being in my life, Aunt Tomi and for keeping Uncle Joe in check! Thank you for all the love, support, and advice through the years!

Andrea Gomez – I think we go WAAAAY back to Catholic School days and middle school Thank you for being you and supporting me! Smiles and hugs!
Liza N. Mucheru Wisner – One of the biggest inspirations I’ve ever met! Thank you for being my friend, for working with me, trusting me, and believing in me. Thank you for being you and all that you freaking do you wonder woman! I’m honored. Let’s keep making a difference! So proud to call you friend!

Dennis Stanko – Thank you! I remember the days back at St Mary’s Business School and you always had the coolest attitude. Thanks for showing me cool! Blessings to you and the family!

Tammy Northcutt – We had quite a run last year and it was so great to meet you in Dallas! Thank you being part of the ripple effect in my life!

Sonya Hill – My sexy, sweet friend whom I met at Lindy’s. I never get tired of your face and pictures! Thank you and thank you for your hugs and love! Keep winning contests and clicking like on all my stuff! 😉

Robyn Lessley – Thank you for being gorgeous through and through and for being a rockstar! Hugs!

Chauna Tevis Jones – Lol! Awe, we met when I trained you that one day back in Outback Steakhouse when you first got there! So many talks and laughs! Wow! And that look when we knew that things had hit the fan!

James Olivarez – Cousin! We have a strong family bond! Thank you for being in my life! I love you and all your jokes and attitude in life!

Garrett Binder – Whitney passed me onto you and I’m so thankful to share this journey with you! Thank you for always checking on me! Thank you!

Kim Williams – Awe Kim, We have done so much together this year…and it is just starting! Thank you for being my business partner and an amazing coach!

Amanda Soliz – From the two shortest ones in elementary to the two shortest ones as adults! Love you Smurfette! Thank you for your friendship all these years later

Elisa Carsten – What a breath of fresh air you brought into my world this year just by being you! Thank you!

Stell R. Sanchez – You were and altar girl when we met at Sacred Heart. Here we are. Thank you for being in my life all these years. Love your wit and intellect!

SJ Rodriguez – Thank you! Those were some hot days back on the tennis court! Keep smiling!

Aiden Michael – Thank you and thank you for you being you and sharing what you do! It makes a difference!

Dylan Dearborn – Thank you for coming out to the bonfire in San Diego. thank you for being such a kick ass UFT and community leader!

Denise Sudell – The Niece! How our lives were intertwined! I couldn’t have been more blessed no matter how it all changed over the years. You’ve been a part of the story. Thank you!
Douglas Wilson – My Mutual of Omaha insurance buddy! How about them days?? Lol. And here we are! And I think you know what is coming next! More success!…without waiting for a check from Troy.

Cherii Croxton – Thank you and thank you for asking what coaching even was. It kept me on my toes!

Sarah D. Walls – Awe Sarah Bear! My buddy! Haha! So many drinks, talks, and laughs. Nice to be part of the click back then! Love you and miss you!

Faith Chan – Thank you for being in this fantastic realm of connections! It’s amazing to share what we do between us in people and timing!


Missy Martinez – We’ve had such a special friendship with kindness and laughs. I remember a lunch we had at Macaroni Grille once. That was rather nice. Thank you!

Mohammad Emran – Doctor, what can I say but thank you for all of the blessings you’ve brought into my life! Thank you for being who you are, for taking me on as a friend, confidant, and business partner! Oh thank you so much! (For those reading, visit http://www.springcure.com to see what this man has started.)

Lise Barlow – Thank you! Pay It Forward! I know I will! Is there anything else to be said? 😉

Cindy Renee Soto – B E A Utiful! Thank you for the hugs and conversations! Thank you for being in my life so closely connected! Thank you for the compliments. Now go get on another magazine cover!

Laurie Del Bosque – Thank you for all that you have done for our family! You are amazing! Keep those Del Bosques in line!

Alex Changho – Thank you for keeping me stepping up by being you and asking the tough questions. I remember all the time we spent in Ft. Lauderdale 2011 in the crew room. Amazing brotherhoods were forged there.
Aaron Fagerstrom – Thank you for your support! Thank you and go kick some butt!

Peter Marolakos – New Jersey 2012. What a great guy you are and thank you for being a part of this journey and all of your kindness.

Jodi McMasters – Thank you! If there is one person who I love to see online, its you! And thank you for the time we met in NJ too!

Eddie Saenz – I’m humbled by your kind words and thank you for getting me the poetry gig with the jazz band at Aria. Keep playing and teaching. Thank you!

Ross BaseballBat Benavides – It’s been a trip of a year and I’m glad I got to know you and talk heart to heart! We’ll meet again but not likely in Jermaine’s apartment to shoot business vids. thank for supporting us!

Mary Elliot – My friend, my love! I love you, Brent and the kids so much! Thank you for trusting me and coming along for this ride! You are so amazing in ways you haven’t even fully tapped into yet! What a blessing you are in my life! Thank you!

Laura N Jordan Garcia – Laura, thanks for all the memories all the way back to the neighborhood, Connie’s wedding, and all the family connections we have! Thank you!

Laura Burke – We met in NJ 2012! what a powerhouse of a woman! Thank you for being in my life and I honor the times we’ve spent chatting and on the phone!

John Garcia – Thank you for all your support and all you do in the city! Keep going!

Shawn Adhami – Brother! LA 2011! Great to stay connected and thank you for reaching out at just the right time again earlier this year. See you soon I hope, Doc!

G Jack Brown – Thank you for being such an amazing teacher about body language! Thank you for all that you do! I’ve learned so much!

Lyndsay Schumacher – I’m tearing up thinking about the event we met at and the fun when you taught me how to sweep the parking garage in NJ 2012 for my first FireTeam. What a leadership act to follow! Thank you for being in my life!

Karen Denise – You sweet soul. Thank you! Thank you for helping in all the ways you do!

Judy Hoyte Adams – Oh sister! What blessings and love you’ve brought! Abundance, hugs and kisses to you! Thank you for all your support at events!

Lawrence Srail – LA 2011 – I remember walking super early in the morning with you and getting to share with a group of guys all the energy to bring the best out of ourselves to serve everyone else! Thank you for being a part of this wild ride!

Rick Medina – We started at Outback waiting tables once. We’ve come a long way! Thanks for still being around! Much Love!

Pop Roberts – We had big dreams on those courts! We still have big dreams! Thank you for being the best doubles partner in high school playing with the big boys! Thank you!

Paul Carter – Thank you for all the air jabs! Thank you for your humor and friendship since high school!

Shelly McCarty Woodward – Thank you for being such a sweet friend. I’ve always remembered your kindness. Thank you!

David A. Tovar – Thank you! Thank you for losing money to my at poker over at Darin’s house. JK. Thank you for being around in those days with the kids.

Rhonda J. Garza – Thank you for being awesome since we were younger and for always supporting me!

Rebecca Sustiata Hernandez – Thank you for being a friend all these years, my sweet friend. Thank you!

Michael Puente – I believe it was NJ 2012. Thank you for the conversations and kind words! Thank you!

Esperanza Lopez – Chica! You already know what I’m thinkin! Love you! Now come down to my level and gimme a hug and a kiss! Thank you for your friendship and silliness!

Daniel Abeleda – Much love to you man! thanks for giving me all the love you do in all I do! It means the world to me! Dumpster Dive with you next time!

Eric Walls – Oh have we had fun, and laughs! Thank you for always keeping me in the loop, Buster! and wow we go way back faaar too long to mention.

Rocky Jacobson – There is something about your energy that makes me be thankful to be alive! Thank you for being you! Thank you for your strength and beauty!

Derrick Thomas – Back in the +E days! Much love to you! Thank you for fighting the good fight for good!

Maurizio Flores – Thank you for your trainings and your energy! Thank you for touching in on my life! Keep going!

Gilles Chausse – What more love and gratitude can I have for a brother like you! So much! Always in my heart! Thank you for being a joy in my life you crazy French Canadian!

Dina Cavasos – You are so awesome! Thank you! Thank you for being the mom and friend that you are! A Beautiful Inspiration to always see and call friend!

Rick Martinez – Thank you for the support, the friendship, the sunglasses, and the lessons! You really are awesome! Let’s do this man! Thank you for the energy!

Dave Johnson – Thank you for always reporting the news! Thank you for being in our lives!

Mariana Polic – Thank you Mariana for having me want to step up in life more and more. Just the thought of you and your family does the trick! Thank you for being so beautiful, strong, and and example! Thank you!

De’Marcus J Snell Williams – Thanks for the wise cracks and laughs. They’ve helped me live longer! I love it! Thank you!

Jamie Kay – I am SO loving having you in my life! I can’t quite put my finger on it but you are the kind of special I love to be around! Thanks for the coffee! Thank you for your non stop energy!

Pete Sapper – I’ve learned so much from you over the last couple of years! Thank you for who you are and teaching others to be themselves and to see through all the BS that is out there! You, sir, I have much love for!

Tanesha Duhart – Thank you for all the love and support! Thank you!

Joe Moffett – Thank you for making me want to get up and work out more! What an Inspiration! Thank you!

Chris Braglia – Thank you for the talks and the laughs! Thank you for your Friendship! Thank You!

Ryan Avila – Thank you for serving in Our Armed Services! Thank you for the hours of arguments and disagreements, the rivalry and feuds, the pranks and blow outs. Thank you for the christmas tree that nearly killed me and for playing Meat Grinder against the computer when i wasn’t even there, Mijo! Thank you for being a friend and roommate in my life!

Troy Tretola – Thank you for being my lane buddy and sharing your so much about your life. thank you for being on the SpringCure Team and trusting me on this! Thank you for being the soul you are and all you do for others! Thank you for being a rockstar in my life! Thank you!

Tim Tate – Thank you! thank you for all you do to help those in your profession of mental health! It is helping the world! Thank you for the support and kind works at my presentation at MHMR last year!

Laura Cardosi – I love you! You need a separate page for thanks! thank you for being the kind of woman that makes me step up to be more and more the man I can be! Thank you!

Anissa Zatarain – Thank you for all your love and support! Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for being you!

Kristal Hernandez – You crack me up so much! you always have! What a gift your humor is! Thank you for that!

Elias Gonzalez – My cousin! I remember us sneaking out and taking your dad’s walkie talkie to the mall in the days that cell phones weren’t around. He made us do it and sticking that Army CB in your pocket was a riot but cool at the same time. I’m happy we have those memories! Thank you!

Lisa Lulu LaBelle – Thank you for your love! Thank you for your blessings

Lucy Hernandez – Thank you Aunt Lucy! I always loved your style.
Daniel Sandoval – Thank you for joining us on that walk that day in LA and for all that you do to help others. It’s inspiring!

Chi At’Play – Thanks Chief! Keep Grooving! I’m watching! I learning!

Monique Huerta – My friend! You get more and more beautiful as the years go by. I’m sure your talent never seizes, either. Thank you and Blessings to you and your family.

Summer Rose – Thank you! I love your smile and your kindness from meeting at events. Your wish on my birthday is an honor.

Lybia Hernandez – Thank you, Cousin. Blessings to you and thank you for all the memories that we have in our youth and in my college years.

Elias Gonzalez – I learned so much from you when we were younger. Thank you for being my cousin in this life.

Lola Anto – Thank you my birthday buddy! Blessings always on this day!

Aminta Bonds – Thank you! Thank you for your friendship and support through the years. Always kind to me.

Patrick Lama – Thank you for running with me and teaching me! I appreciate your energy.

Lynda Kowol – Thank you and many blessings to you always.

Rosalia Chapa – Thank you for being such an insipration and dedicated dancer through the years. It’s marvels like you that ignite fires.

David Zuniga – I loved those days back when we were kids riding our bikes around the hood and playing video games. Those were great memories and thank you for being part of my life.

Tucomi Martinez – We will always have Selena and the Barrio Boyz! Isn’t that a funny thing? Lol. Thank you for being part of my story!

Ellen O’Niell Copell – What can I say but thank you for your guidance and leadership! Thank you for your humor and thank you for being in my life, Capt!

Audrey Reille – Blessings and love! Thank you for your energy and knowledge!

Marc Anthony Olivares – I’ve always loved you and your humor, cousin. We always have a great time when we actually do get to do that.

Rick Passo – Nobody has ever inspired me more in the way that you have with your tireless committment to causes and helping others and spreading the love. It truly is fascinating and I’m honored that you remembered me on my Birthday.

Eliselda Shelly Benavides – Thank you my dear old friend. Oh the silly young memories and wonderful caring between two people Thank you for that lesson and love. Always a blessing to hear from you.

Linda Watson – Thank you my friend, for talking to me the day of Dragan’s presentation. Thank you for the gift. And thank you for the lessons I’ve learned since we have met.

Michelle Grace – I’m gonna post a note about PIF in your honor. I can’t think of a postit without thinking about you. Thank you!

Alexandrea Trevino – Thank you! I don’t think you’ll ever really go away and I’m ok with that! Thank you for last years bday gift and for being you!

Brian Moskowitz – Thank you for teaching me things that have helped me in ways that you don’t even know. That is true leadership! Thank you for letting me spend time with your kids when I needed it the most. Thank you for your blessings.

Craig Henry – Thank you, good sir.

Ed Furbee – Thank you for taking the time. Thank you for being my first lane buddy in Ft. Lauderdale in 2011!

James Gatica – Thank you for your friendship and humor throughout the years. I cherish it.

Samantha Garcia Galvan – Thank you! Blessings to you and your family. We are bound by ties that we can never remove. 😉

Veronica Alvarez – Thank you my gorgeous friend! Thank you for this friendship many years later and being a part of my life.

Alleb Ziur – Thank you for the Costa Rica Shout out! I will see you when I visit one day, my friend!

Maribel Chavez – Rivera = Thank you! Blessings and thanks for being a freind since back in the day.

Orlando Perez – What a ride! Thank for being a part of it with me! Blessings, Bro. Thank you!

Nancy Blaha – Thank you and thank you for being you! I’m honored you came over to wish me a happy one!

Mina Shah – Thank you and thank you for one of the best compliments I ever got in life from you the day we first met which was that I actually am just like I am online! What a great feeling to be recognized for congruence in energy and smiles. I honor you so much and thank you for being a part of this journey and a leader I can model.

Araceli – Thank you! We’ll always have Emma.

Dustin Adams – Thank you! Thanks for all the laughs and your frienship during some really strange times! Much love with a side of RRRRANCHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Brenton Tate Haag – Thank you, Keep rockin;. Don’t settle. Change into who you always want to be. Thank you for your friendship.

Stephanie Blackbird – Thank you for being an network marketing professional and an awesome example of enthusaism and success!

Heather F – Thanks you my sweet friend. I always look forward to seeing you and that’s got to mean something. Thank you for being part of the yoga family and making me feel so welcome.


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I’m so grateful to be alive. Thank you for reading, my friend. Until next time…

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