May 3rd: Did You Keep Your Word?

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Did you know that May 3rd is the 123rd day of the calendar year? Well, now you do! One-Hundred and twenty-three days have passed since the new year has begun.  How’s it going? Did you live up to your own word? This is about the ridiculous new years goals syndrome as it is about you honoring your own word.  As an example, though, if you were one of those people that set goals and didn’t follow through with them, I’d wonder how often that actually occurs in your life? How often do you make a promise, set a date, and then go back on your own word.  What it does to your psychology can be disasterous! What it can do to your life can be even worse! Going back on your own word creates a conflict, generates in-congruence, challenges your own confidence, and leads to self-loathing.  It isn’t just a matter of being honest and congruent; it’s a matter of believing in yourself, setting a standard, following through, celebrating, and creating the kind of life that you love because you created it from your words…your promises.  Taking a look back over the last 123 days, can you remember some things that you gave your word to and accomplished? Congratulate yourself!!!!  If you are beating yourself up for not being that person who can believe even their own words, that is something to stop doing RIGHT NOW! Now that the lesson has been learned, just keep your word.  Wreaking havoc in your own mind is what reflects in your life.  Giving your word and honoring it has more beauty than this short post can detail.  The best thing to do is to try it for another 123 days and see what happens.  I’m certain it will be worth it.

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