You’ll Be Sorely Disappointed

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You’ll Be Sorely Disappointed

Oh, you surely will be when one day you wake up and still having done the very things that you wanted to do in life.  And even more disappointed every day after that when you haven’t still.  You’ll be sorely disappointed as you let your health fade, your business decline, your relationship end, and or any number of other mishaps that you didn’t do.  There are trips you didn’t take, things you didn’t say, feelings you didn’t get out, chances you didn’t take and then…one day, you realize that you are, in fact, very disappointed.  If only you had…if only…

There are triumphant ones who wake up to that disappointment, face it, and reclaim those very things that wanted to do.  They reclaimed their health, relationships, money, and life.  It took being at the bottom of a bottle, a barrel, a valley, an alley for them to finally say that enough was enough.  You’ll find stories like this in every person if you ask.  You might have one like this of your own…but if you had only…if only…

If only you just decided, right now, to not let that day come.  Maybe you don’t have to wait for that to happen for you to turn things around.  Maybe you can learn from other people’s mistakes.  If only you took action now…if only you didn’t wait anymore…if only you said what you needed to say…and daily began to make an positive effort towards the very things that you disappoint you one day if you don’t do them…If only…If only….you didn’t want to be sorely disappointed.

When is NOW a good time to make a change?

Sean Knows Sean D. Olivares  That’s what Sean Knows!

For any and all reasons to those of you who are reading this:

I Love You. I’m Sorry. Please Forgive Me. Thank You.

ILoveYou   True Health Assessment

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