Beyond Definition

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Like-you,-I-m-God sean knows beyond definition

Beyond Definition

Who I am is beyond definition

An anomaly so misunderstood
Scrutinized at times
Underestimated by small minds
I am undefined
Spreading, moving, seeking, reaching
Dancing, jumping, thinking, feeling,
Spreading out from this place
Energy uncaged
Thoughts unrestrained
From within, a simple ripple
Out into the body
And beyond into others
Into the world
Seeing myself in the tree and the TV
Hearing myself in the bird, and all languages
Ripple out to OGLE-TR-56b the furthest known planet
and beyond is me
I feel the atom and the vibrations across the galaxy
Beyond definition.

cover crop72This poem was written and published in And Then, There Was Light: Poems of Life and Awakenings which hit #1 BestSeller on Amazon/Kindle in Hispanic American Poetry of February of 2013.  Thank you!


Sean Knows Sean D. Olivares  That’s what Sean Knows!

For any and all reasons to those of you who are reading this:

I Love You. I’m Sorry. Please Forgive Me. Thank You.

ILoveYou   True Health Assessment

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