The Beauty of Pain

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The Beauty of Pain

This isn’t about being a masochist so for all of you out there that were looking for a post about how great it feels to be bound or beaten either emotionally or physically, you’d be better off looking for one of those websites. No, this is about a lesson in the beauty of pain, in dis-ease, and what can come from that if you are paying attention.

I recently had a friend share with me how she’s been diagnosed with thyroid cancer. My immediate response was, “How exciting! An opportunity to grow and heal!…When can I hug and chat with you?” She replied, “I’ve never looked at it that way.”

Something that we tend to forget in the midst of our pain is the opportunity we have been given to grow and to heal. Of course, when we are in it, when we are experiencing the pain, it can be extremely tough to focus on anything other than the pain. If you are experiencing actual physical pain, our nervous system and brain is constantly bombarded with the intense unpleasant stimuli. We certainly aren’t focused on how beautiful it is (unless you are the masochist). When we have just had the blessing of pain either physically or emotionally, it is sometimes difficult to remove ourselves from it and look for the outcome of how we are going to grow and the level of healing we will achieve. It’s especially difficult to remove ourselves from a pain when it is coming from inside of us. If we could, however, begin to understand that every pain is an opportunity to grow, to change, and to find out the ‘impossible’ ways that we can heal, then we have latched onto one of the most important things that we could ever be taught…and I say ‘impossible’ because most people tell you its ‘impossible’ to overcome the emotional pain from our experiences, to heal from ‘impossible’ physical pains or diagnoses, to believe in beautiful things when there is so much pain out there and in there.

The Beauty of Pain is that it provides contrast; it provides a singular moment in time where we can be present and then focus our attention on the pain only to shift our focus on the counter point of how to heal. The Beauty of Pain can leverage our insight in to the opposite of what can truly be possible, because if we can feel the extremity of one, then wouldn’t it be possible to feel the possibility of the other. And what would it take to get there? And wouldn’t it be worth it?

Pain provides a perspective that allows us to grow and to change. We must take action on that insight because if we just choose to stay in the pain, we haven’t learned the lesson it was sent to teach us, and then, we’ve missed the beauty of it just as much as missing the beauty of the daily sunrises and sunsets of our lives.

There is Beauty in Pain and THAT is what Sean Knows!Sean Knows Sean D. Olivares

For any and all reasons to those of you who are reading this:

I Love You. I’m Sorry. Please Forgive Me. Thank You.



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