Forgiveness Friday 1/17/13

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TGIF (Thank God I Forgave)

Three years ago I joined an elite group of volunteers dedicated to serving thousands of people several times a year at events around the world. I am quite certain that there is no other group of individuals that converge around the world for a week of laborious work in order to create an experience that can transform peoples lives.  A year later, though,during a cold New Jersey winter, I stepped up at the encouragement of a dear friend, Rama, to join a different group of individuals that have helped shaped my life in ways I could never fully explain nor quite possibly express the level of gratitude for being amongst them.  I joined a special team that carried out a specific task in about 48 hours. These are like the Navy Seals of volunteers. Tasks are carried out with unending enthusiasm.  Most of us have never met yet by the end of those two days, we become family. There is no other experience I’ve had like it ever before.  And I go back and will do anything that I can to return to that family to celebrate, to heal, to learn, to serve, to play, to face my own fears, connect with others lives, challenges, hopes, dreams, and love.

I remember the first time I became part of the family and feeling as if I was in the presence of Oak Trees and connecting to them transcending time and space, connecting with something far greater than I ever had. There are many lessons I’ve learned from so many of them. Scattered around the world, I live knowing that we are always out there living our lives to serve the greater good in our own way, helping others live a life of passion and service. It’s quite amazing and this particular post can not contain the lessons and the people that have impacted me.

Now that I’ve set that tone, I want to share one of the most important lessons I’ve learned from that team. You guessed it…it’s about Forgiveness.

I really just wanted to share a prayer I learned from some of them. Maybe you all have heard about it, maybe you know more about it than I do.  You can do more research about it but I promise I’ve already done the research and will be sharing it soon.

Are you ready to learn what I’ve learned from these maniacs that I spend time with once or twice a year? Here it is:

ho'oponopono Sean Olivares

      This is the Ho’oponopno Hawaiian Prayer that can not only cleanse your own heart and life but as you use it and share, it can help others too.  Be sure to share it. Blessings to you. May you have the forgiveness in your life that you need to heal and love and be grateful. Memorize it. Say it as many times a day as you can. Reflect on it.

I am Sorry. Please Forgive Me. I Love You. Thank You. That is What Sean Knows!

Omharmonics Sean Olivares

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