Dear Friend: Letter 8

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Dear Friend,

   Howdy! How ya been? What’s going on? Are things good, bad, whatever? InQuiring Sean wants to know! How have you been really, my friend?  It has been a good bit since we last… It’s been just enough time. I decided to send you this and simply extend a quick kindness.  I’ve tended to keep up with you through our mutual friends in conversation and they say that all is good.  None-the-less, I wanted to reach out and ask you personally. We used to be pretty close.  We had some interesting times that bonded us enough, at least by my estimation, to have a personal conversation about it.  Last we interacted, we got caught up on as many milestones of life a we could and how we felt about them.  We sure do tend to change much between our interactions; it isn’t so much that we aren’t still the same but just enough to know that life has molded our characters with every experience.  I’m proud of you and all that I’ve learned about what you’ve done. Pretty awesome! Your career is flourishing and you seem to be surrounded by fantastic people who bring joy into your life and in places that I trust you are very happy being. That’s got to be a GREAT feeling, huh? 

Anything else going on? I just wanted to get the ‘meat and potatoes’ of it and let you know that I’m still here and you can call me friend. After the ‘meat and potatoes’, we can talk about dessert. If there is every anything that I can do to support you, I’m brilliantly easy to find.  You know how to get in touch with me.  Because of our personal history, you know there are a couple of direct avenues to reach me that most don’t know about..but YOU know them. You know who to call to get at me as well.  That is all this letter is about. I just wanted to personally reach out and hopefully begin a dialogue… just, you know, to stay connected.  Thanks for reading, and I hope that you really are doing well. Either way, gimme a shout out sometime. It would be good to hear your voice.  Hugs and High Fives!

Waxlessly Yours,


This is Sean. And That is What Sean Knows!

(‘Dear Friend’ is a collection of letters in December of 2013. The recipients are never mentioned. Whether or not they are actually sent and received will never be revealed at all. I hope that you also write letters to people that speak from the heart.)

Name this Letter Sean Olivares

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