A Prayer of Thanks

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In all the traditions in every culture, prayer is prevalent. Prayer, in one form or another, is exercised by both the more studied and disciplined down to the private whisperers. I’ve personally studied all of the major religions of the world and even taken part in their practices along with them.  My prayer has evolved through the years but that does not mean that it has become more complicated or uber-spiritual. What does that mean then Sean? How has your prayer evolved? I mean that it has been fashioned and catered to suit my connection to Intention, Energy, the Universe, God, Source, or whatever your respective name for it is. I think that the evolution of the my personal prayers have become more…simple…focused…free.

Muslim prayer beads

There are times that I use the traditional mantras and prayers handed down through the ages.  Raised Catholic, there is a sense of connection to some of the specific prayers that my parents shared with me. Then, there are some very powerful Buddhist meditations that I’ve used through the years. Pooling from the various philosophies and beliefs of spiritual teachers and useful psychology tools, I’ve learned how to achieve what I’m trying to achieve. Focusing thoughts and sending energy out into the world from a deeply internal reflection, I pray. I smile. I give thanks. I focus love on myself, others, and situations to make them all better.

Getting away from some of the orthodox of prayers that we sometimes just say as a practice without fully thinking, I taught my children to pray from their heart when they were growing up. I like it better than just rattling off something we’ve been taught to say. As our entire immediate family gathered around the Thanksgiving table for a prayer, I was asked to lead the prayer.  I asked everyone to take a deep breath and become present of where we were. I spoke from my heart. It was short, staggered, simple. And then I opened it up for each person to share what they were thankful for at this meal.

My prayer of thanks for all the people and everything in my life is just that. I speak to that. I search and connect to that. It’s a practice that takes effort always. It’s a practice worth having. The psychological effects of well-being tend to help health, relationships, thoughts, feelings, and life.

Create YOUR own Prayer of Thanks! That’s What Sean Knows!

Omharmonics Sean Olivares

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