What a Blessed Week!

Blessings Are In the Counting! That’s what I know…

This week has been a week of revelation, of positive focus on some solutions to very large challenges.  It is of utmost importance to focus on the fact that if you don’t think about the things that you have and be appreciative of them, you’re missing out on more than you think and tend to think you have less than you do. Earlier this week I talked about being positive or rather not making things worse than they are.

I’ve had the opportunity to coach every day this week. Why does that matter? Because I love helping others and I really love getting financially rewarded for listening to others and providing  support, guidance, and positive reinforcement . It’s a blessing to help people smile. I am so thankful for everyone who listened to me because for every person that I help, it reminds me also that I matter.

We all have challenges. I am no different than you. I just know that my week ended up really great because of one simple thing. I was extremely grateful and counted as many blessings as I could. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Blessings Are In the Counting! That’s what I know…

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