My Quick Fix to Just About Anything

This is what works for me!!! That’s what I know…

I look in the mirror and smile.

I look at others and smile.

I look at everything and smile like a fool. I’m not a fool but I smile like one. I don’t know what a fool smiles like because I’ve never met a smiling fool and I also think that anyone smiling is not a fool.

I pull the ends of my mouth up to curl as wide as they can go and look around in the biggest way possible. It changes everything!

I fixes just about anything!

You don’t like it? I’m still going to smile.

Not in a facetious way. I do it for myself so that I can feel the effects of the drugs pumping through my body from the smile. If you don’t know about smiling, try it.

Want to know more? Watch the video down below.

Smile! That is What Sean Knows!

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