New Year! Same You? Or New You?


I have to admit that while I don’t get completely caught up in holiday traditions, I do get nostalgic and cliche on New Year’s Eve. There seems to be a energetic charge about the changing of the old year into the new.  Thoughts of change, new desires, dreams, and goals get many of its amped as we charge forward.  Many don’t get caught up in it and it will be the same old drab as usual.  They want to be hopeful but are too cowardice to try something new.  What is that something new?  YOU! Yes you can be new too!

You already know that for things to change, you have to change.  The date of the calendar might change and guess what? .. it’s changing whether you are or not. At this point in your life, are you ready to change into something that you want to be?  Something refreshing,  something more,  something that shows maybe a little more of who you really are?

I often refer to the mythological fire bird of the Phoenix and to rise from the ashes,  soar, and dominate, come to life,  and burn baby burn!  Now might just be the time to do that.  Light it up! Light up your life and your soul!

The new year is upon us but will you be the same you as last year?…or a new you? A charged, fired up you? Don’t let a day on the calendar be the only thing that changes this year.  Be the change that the calendar is marked by. Make history!

This NYE I jumped over the fire into the new year! It was fun but don’t try it at home! 😉



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