Long Lost Sean

Hi all! It’s been a few months since I posted anything at all! Let me tell you what, I have been living life! And I mean this in all respects.  From some really GREAT experiences to some of those that I thought were absolutely TERRIBLE!!!!

There has been the full spectrum of emotions and what’s worse than anything is that I often was letting those events and my emotions to take control of my actions.  In the process and not rising to the occasion, I’ve watched struggles in business, family relationships, and the once again argument and grid lock and all but ending of a very dear friend.  I’ve made love, sang, danced, eaten and enjoyed life in a ton of ways. I’ve cried over silly notions of despair and disappointment.  I’ve traveled with my kids all the way to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and gotten in heated arguments with those two adolescences in the house.

Wow, from competing in a Usana Weight Loss Challenge, 21-Day Trim down to emotional food binges, it has been a mix of ALLLLLL the best and worst of foods.

Friendships? I’m blessed! I’ve had the chance to deepen some of the best relationships I’ve ever had with my brothers and sisters on the FireTeam and those who live close to me.  Like I said, though, one of those relationships did not end well, and a few others, a distance was made. What I gather is that its supposed to happen sometimes exactly as it does.  Sometimes, things have to happen like that. Just like when something deepens, it is meant to happen like that.

Business, launched a new one, poetry: a book soon done. Ebooks soon to come. Coaching? Still on it after a little slump! Business Strategy Consulting? Oh it’s coming big baby!

Like I said, I’ve been living life, all of it! I got away from blogging and sharing.

I love my son and daughter more than ever and I want to share with them how much I am in love with them.   I love my family so deeply. I tremendously love coaching and serving people with my talents and gifts. I love building a business that serves others. And so important, I love you and love my friends.

I love to write and blog and call me out if you haven’t heard from me.  This is just a little hello and I’ll be on it sharing so much that I know with you!

I’m off to attend another day of an amazing seminar this weekend so I’ll share even some of that stuff soon!

God Bless you all!

And remember to Enjoy Life and Live it With a Smile!

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