Live. Love. Laugh. (Part 1)

Live, My Love! Live like NEVER before! Live to your hearts delight.
Live until your heart feels so right. Live unapologetically!
Live as if it were your last breath and then inhale it all again.
All the dormant cells in your body are screaming for more life so Live.
Live so much that tears stream down your face and those tears, each one –
name them names of ‘joy,gratitude, sunshine and eternal light!’
Live out of spite of fear and anger!
Live to Blissful Exhaustion…have no more tears of pain…
Live so much that you’re ALIVE when you sleep! Bring those dreams to life!
Those sleeping dreams you laid to rest – Make them Live!
Wake them up!
Whisper to them,”Live!” Call to them, “Live!” Yell to them, “LIVE!”
Rise up and Live!
Wait not a moment more to Live!
Every beautiful molecule of you is waiting to VIBRATE with Life, so Live!
That smile deserves to Live! Oh What a smile! It MUST live!
Not just the smile on your face but that one in your heart! Let THAT smile Live!
I don’t care what you are doing it for, or who! No, I don’t care why!
In those quiet moments, f&#@king Live, My Love!
I’m telling you, whispering, calling to, yelling at, begging you to Live!
And when you think you’ve lived enough, you stand up one more time
Again and again and you shout at the top of your lungs
with your hands up in the air, “LIVE!”

…and then, if you get the chance, tell me about Life.

Copyright © 2012 Sean Daniel Olivares

*This poem was written at the last minute to a dear friend leaving on a long trip. You should hear me recite it. 😉 Just sharing what came out of this impromptu letter

Enjoy Life and Live it with A Smile! That’s What Sean Knows!

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