Memorial Day Celebration – War Hurts

If you know me at all, you know that I have the utmost respect for our military servicemen and women.  The Valor and Bravery for the feats and overwhelming circumstances that soldiers are thrown into at times, proves the uncanny, and powerful spirit of a human.  War has been a necessary evil and a shameful part of our human history.  The blood shed and the losses on all accounts are tremendous.  I hope that one day we can live in peace.  Harmonizing with John,”You man say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one…I hope someday you will join us, and the world will live as one.”… It will not subside until, as a whole, we realize that it is an obsolete means to an end. What is that end anyway? Peace. War is the means to peace and it is absurd means.

It is not worth the losses and I never like to think that these men and women who have died for the privileges we have and that so many of us take for granted was ever in vain.  So many wars are fought for reasons that don’t make sense and in the end when we look at the faces of those who have lost their families, friends, and lives, it doesn’t make sense.

The losses are never worth it. Peace is a mantra not just of nations that needs to be spoken but that of the human race. There is hope for us still. It starts in you. It starts in me.

The following is a small tribute video with a song that points out that its all wrong. Below the video are the lyrics to the song.

War Hurts. That’s What Sean Knows.

“Celebration Guns” by Stars

So tomorrow there will be another number
For the one who had a name
A desert wind and a perverse desire to win
History buried in shame[Chorus:]
Are those beating drums
Celebration guns
The thunder and the laughter
The last thing they remember
And then the next day
How will you know your enemy
By their colour or your fear
One by one you can cage them
In your freedom
Make them all disappear


Goodnight, sleep light, stranger [repeat]

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