Think and Grow Rich Notes Pt.5

This is almost the end of this blog series on Think and Grow Rich.  After this we will close out the series on FEAR! Still more to come on a few ending notes!

You can of course buy the book here on or visit my website at this link to download the entire notes.  I MUST implore you to get the book if you are to make full sense of the notes.  The stories and explanations of how these principles work are paramount to the understanding all of it.  Besides, there is a magic in owning your own copy, thumbing through it and re-reading it and taking your own notes.  Again, visit to get the book or go find a copy.  These are some notes I found on the book.  Enjoy! If you want to know more about this book or have a chat about it, connect with me on Facebook or email me at


Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill

Chapter Eleven – The Mystery of Sex Transmutation:

10 Stimuli of the Mind:

1) Desire for sex expression.

2) Love.

3) A burning desire for fame, power, or financial gain, money.

4) Music.

5) Friendship between either those of the same sex, or those of the opposite sex.

6) A Master Mind Alliance based upon the harmony of two or more people who ally themselves for the purpose of spiritual or temporal advancement.

7) Mutual suffering, such as that expressed by people who are persecuted.

8) Autosuggestion.

9) Fear.

10) Narcotics and alcohol.

Sources of Magnetism:

1) The hand-shake – indicates presence of magnetism, or lack of it.

2) Tone of voice – factor with which the voice may be colored, or made musical and charming.

3) Posture and carriage of the body – moving brisk, with ease and grace.

4) Vibrations of thought – mixing emotions of sex with their thoughts, influencing those around them.

5) Body adornment – careful about personal appearance.

– Man’s greatest motivating force is his desire to please woman!

Chapter Twelve – The Subconscious Mind:

Seven Major Positive Emotions:

– fate
– love
– sex
– enthusiasm
– romance
– hope

Seven Major Negative Emotions:

– fear
– jealousy
– hatred
– revenge
– greed
– superstition
– anger

Chapter Thirteen – The Brain:

– All of us are controlled by forces which are unseen and intangible.

Chapter Fourteen – The Sixth Sense:

– Close your eyes at night, and picture yourself to be chair of a very important council.


Almost to the end!

Read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and Pay It Forward! That’s What Sean Knows!

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