And for the Romantics…

There is this entry in my personal journal from a year or two ago about the first time I kissed a particular girl.  Thought it would be a great Valentine’s Day share for all you hopeless romantics.  And this is what keeps the human race spinning.  It is edited a bit to conceal the identity.  You don’t get any back-story and you don’t get any follow-up.  All you get for now is this entry. Happy Valentine’s Day you gushers! I don’t think she will read this so I might be in the clear. And if she DOES read this…Oh well…

By the way ladies, yes I’m single. Lol. It’s just a recorded moment in time. 😉

“She came over and she had this look of both weakness and determination on her.  It was peculiar.  The conversation was hesitant and wandering.  She was inquisitive about my day.  I’d met a girl that day and spent the day with her.  Nikki was her name it was like I met another version of me.  I didn’t know how to describe this and even as I did, I knew I was holding back.  I held back because I didn’t know how to quite put into words what had transpired and I didn’t know what parts to leave in or leave out.  It seemed though that I needed to leave some things out even though I wanted to share it all.  So there we stood in my living room with me smiling and saying what it was like and nearing the end of that, she shook my hand to congratulate me on such a great time.  It was funny.  I have to admit that there was a difference in her hand when I touched it.  I don’t know what it was but I liked it.  I exited us out through the front door onto the balcony and we sat [on the nearby chairs.]  The conversation went to all sorts of the usual places.  I know we touched on my being mean by her standards and how I said that I was sorry but that I tend to also say things how they are.  Its how I’d felt and she wanted me to know that I was wrong about being ditched [that day].  But there were things that bugged me.  Flirting was the usual… funny and heavy.  I have to admit that I really like it.  I knew she was stopped by on her way to [spending time] with her friends and since there was already a failed kiss attempt last time she came over, I wasn’t going to keep her any longer.  While I didn’t want her to leave at all, I’m also not going to keep her from her passion.  But then she said, ‘This is one of my passions, too,” and there was a shutter in my soul.  I was surprised.  Maybe after about 30 minutes of chatting and joking and resolving, we stood up.  Our hands and our hugs seemed to wander and keep finding each other.  This was new.  This was something I wanted.  We stood there playing and I could feel nervousness in her body.  Her hands were light to the touch and somehow they found themselves clasped into each other in such a natural way that you’d think we’d done it before.  Still though, this was new.  Our hugs gave way to our cheeks touching and our hands kept us close to embrace.  My heart was pounding but I stood still.  That same weakness and determination that she arrived with had entered me and it was some thing I had not felt for the longest time.  I could feel my breath heavier but controlled.  I stood there and after a few moments of tension, our lips found each other.  And they did not move.  They stayed there almost if they could not move.  Motionless. But then they did [move] and we kissed again.  I could feel a quiver in her bottom lip and with all of our focus on our lips and the tilt of our head to kiss again, our hands slipped apart.  The kisses were long and slow.  I couldn’t help but stand there and smile in between the kisses.  It was absolutely perfect.  There was a hesitation between each kiss and our breaths were slow.  In the fullness of each exchange, we explored just for a moment.  One of the thoughts crossing my mind was that those had to have been the softest lips I could have ever imagined… And then it was done.  Like two adolescent kids kissing someone for the first time, we stepped apart and looked the other way.  I walked one way and she said she didn’t want me to say anything or I would ruin it.  I walked her to her car.  We said bye like we usually do and like nothing happened…and that was that.”

Enjoy Life and Live it with a Smile! THAT’s what Sean Knows!

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I do not own the pictures and the last one is by Aldo Luongo and can be purchased at this link.

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