Not too long ago, I stood on the shore of the Third Coast on Padre Island just over the bridge from Corpus Christi. I had my poetry journal in my hand with the intent of writing what came to me. I left the beach without writing anything immediately but later that day wrote the poem, ‘Remember’.

It was one of the poems that I gave to my close friends and family this year for Christmas. I give my own poetry every year. Sometimes it’s individualized; other times, it’s one of my favorite poems of the year. This poem will be in the upcoming book of poetry And Then, There was Light… that I will finally release in the first few months of 2012. I hope that you enjoy it.


The Ocean lets you get lost just long enough
To remind you where you are.
A God of Forgetfulness,
A God of Memory.

Every sunlit sparkle on the horizon –
A reminder of your soul.
Every moonlit twinkle –
A glimmer of you.

You are the sparkle among the billions of others,
Floating on the surface, drifting –
A single reflection of hope –
Yet, altogether a wave of brilliant possibility.

You are, on the surface, a twinkle of wonder…
Shine Brighter!
You, part of the surface, are a wave, crashing powerfully on the shores,
Crash Harder!
You, under the wave are a depth in an abyss of love.
Go Deeper.

You, in that abyss of love,
Connect to every other abyss across the world.
Go Further.

You are the ocean of the world.
Full of twinkling lights of wonder –
Waves of power – abysses of love
That span across and flows around the world.

You are the depth.
You are the reminder.

The Ocean lets you get lost just long enough
To remind you where you come from.
A God of Forgetfulness…
A God of Memory.

Breathe and Remember.

© Sean Daniel Olivares – 2011

Remember all that you are. That’s what Sean Knows!

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