A Journey of 2 Books – Part 2 – A Human Being

Along the journey with Milo, the book My Spiritual Journey by The Dalai Lama
Taking a path down a quiet wooded dirt road with a brook on one side and listen to the your heart scream and then quiet, ebbing and flowing, with the waters, all of your thoughts surging and then purging…in compassion and peacefulness. It all begins to beg the question of humanity.  With the simple stories of his life to the more complex essays about humanity and relationships, The Dalai Lama presents it in a manner that we can all relate to, being human.  I could go on and on just like I could about Milo’s poetry, but you need to read this book for yourself. Find out more about yourself and what this life is all about. If you care for a seemingly casual yet extremely engaging journey, read this book and some of the poetry of Milo Adorno.

Excerpt from My Spiritual Journey by The Dalai Lama

It’s time to think in human terms

WHEN I SPEAK OF KINDNESS and compassion, I am not expressing myself as a Buddhist, or as the Dalai Lama, or as a Tibetan, but rather as a human being.  And I hope that you also consider yourselves as human beings, rather than as Americans, Westerners, or members of one group or another.  Such distinctions are secondary.  When we speak as human beings, we can touch the essential thing. If I say, “I am a monk,” or, “I am a Buddhist,” it’s a question of realities that are temporary in comparison with my human nature.  The fact of having been born human is fundamental and will not change until death.  The rest, whether or not you are learned, rich or poor, is secondary.

Today we are confronted with many problems. Our responsibility is directly involved in conflicts provoked by ideology, religion, race, or the economy.  Consequently, the time has come for us to think in human terms, on a deeper level where we respectfully take into consideration the equality of others, for they are human beings like us.  We must construct close relationships in mutual confidence, understanding, and support, without paying attention to differences of culture, philosophy, religion, or belief.

After all, all human beings are the same – made up of flesh, bone, and blood.  We all want happiness, and we all try to avoid suffering.  We are the members of one single human family, and our arguments are born from secondary causes.  Disputes, lies, and killings are useless.

Be Compassionate! Remember that you are human! That’s what Sean Knows!

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