The Wrong Food, The Right Peeps!

Eat Well, Feel Well, Live Well!

I met Boone Zavik on a sunny week in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida in March of 2011.  For all 4 days that I got to interact with him, I was blown away! I was blown away by his leadership, his energy, his knowledge of nutrition, and his dedication to helping others! Through no hyperbole, this guy will step up and do everything that you and I would imagine a true genuine leader would do when a leader is needed, and let’s face it, we always need leadership whether we are in trying times or ready to move to even more triumphant times! I’ve had the amazingly good fortune to be surrounded by fascinating people of courage, encouragement, talent, and ROCKSTAR status… Boone is one of them.

Boone also has a blog that he shares some really fantastic information about health, diet, nutrition, and exercise called Zealous Zavik. I really love this guy. Reach out and connect with him!

I would personally endorse anything that Boone does!

He has that type of character of integrity and spirit that I wouldn’t hesitate to support.  It shouldn’t surprise you that Boone is with a company called Immunolabs that uses cutting edge technology to help you overcome health concerns and find the kind of energy that is off the charts.  By testing your blood for toxins and allergies, they can help you find exactly what foods you should be eating and which ones are actually harming you! Even though you may be eating ‘healthy’ foods, you may not know that your own body might be reacting to it in a negative way that causes you to feel tired or never get you to the desired health goals.  This really is amazing and tremendously powerful information for us all when we especially live with so much confusion about what we should be putting in our body. What is good and what is bad? On a deeper, personal, fine-tuned level, Immunolabs can give you a comprehensive assessment of your own blood and  body chemistry. Find out what foods are wrong for you! Get a free booklet from Immunolabs with what exactly they do and some interesting testimonials here.

Visit or go to their main site at to learn more. They have a Youtube Video there and more information about how you could really be eating toxic foods and what you should be doing.  The stats are shocking but don’t worry, we can always do something to not be a statistic.

So what does Sean Know? Sean knows that Boone is pretty amazing guy and has an amazing company doing some amazing things! Get in touch with Boone! Get your Bloodprint! Learn what the wrong foods are and keep yourself surrounded by the right peeps! Your life will be tremendously better!

Enjoy Life and Live it with a Smile! That’s what Sean Knows!

P.S. Yes I will be getting my bloodprint, Boone! 😉 Will blog about it when I do.

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