6 Things 4 My Birthday

Hello Friend,

Are you having a fantastic day? I hope so! I truly do hope the best for your life. Thank you for reading this! Thank you for all the birthday wishes so far! And thank you for being you out in the world and in my life! I am grateful and honored for you.

July 26th, 2011 is my 32nd Birthday! Happy Birthday to me! A new year of life! New ways to celebrate! More things to do, be, give, share, and love! More things to know, more ways to grow, and a new year of change! What will your ‘new year’ be like? How will it change? What will stay the same? Will you start doing what you want in life today, or will you wait for some other time that you haven’t marked down; and if you HAVE marked it down, will you hold yourself accountable?  Really?  Just a few questions that I’m asking you on my birthday…

I have many passions in life. I have many hopes and dreams.  This blog is to ask for your support on a few of those hopes, dreams, and passions.

Bad things turn into good things when we decide to change them. Good things get better when we continue to support them. The only thing that ever stays the same IS that everything changes.  The Question is whether or not we are going to make a change from bad to good or good to great. Of course, there is the change from great to OUTSTANDING, but that is for a one on one conversation. πŸ˜‰

The 6 things I am asking for my birthday are not all causes.  Please read all the way down.  Half of them are asking for financial support, the other three do not require monies well unless you are gonna eat dinner with me….  These things  I really want for my birthday this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These are matters I hold very dear to my heart and hope that you can help me impact the world for the better.  Thank you in advance for any support that you give.

1) Spare Change

I want the best for you. And then, I want it to get better. That takes a commitment. It takes YOU to want to change something, commit to it and then enjoy life and live it with a smile! So the first thing that I ask if you want to do this, is to commit to changing or improving something in your life in a massive way for the better.  Whether it be health, changing your finances, pursuing a passion, supporting an organization that you have always wanted to, do it! If you don’t know where to start, call me and let me help you! It can be done. If you don’t need help but want support, I’m your guy there, too.  For my birthday, I ask you to share with me whether publicly or in private what you committed to change or do.  I would be tremendously honored.  Please share and sign it ‘I’m changing! Happy Birthday, Sean!’

If you really want to change your life, join me at a live Tony Robbins event. Break through unbelievable fears or conquer your dreams. I’m going to Los Angeles in November. Come with me! Put your money where your mouth is and change!


2) Global Support – TEDxCalicoCanyon – The Human Connection

I have the grand fortune of being connected to an event that will swing the pendulum in the opposite direction for our world.  Insights, education, passion, and dedication about how important every single human on the planet is and how supporting our personal connection to each other while using technology to help us connect faster will bring about new change in our world through education that teaches us that The Human Connection is vital to our survival.  I wrote a blog about it. This is a non-profit event taking place next year.  There is no cost to you and I am involved in making this event break global records since it will be streamed live on the web for free.  A powerful message bringing people of astounding character and passion front and center.  Spreading the word of the event and committing to be a part of it is a very dear gift to me! Please visit one of these websites to support the event.  If you or someone you know wants to volunteer or sponsor the event, please contact me @ sean@tedxinvegas.com.  ‘I’m Connected! Happy Birthday, Sean!







3) The Anthony Robbins Foundation

There are a number of programs that this foundation supports that really do make a difference. From Youth Leadership Programs to feeding families in need during the holidays, I believe in and support every employee and volunteer with the Foundation.  I created a link on Facebook to donate on the ‘Causes’ app but please visit the website as well if you would like to contact them directly, learn more or donate:



“We will empower others! Happy Birthday, Sean!”

4)  Help my city Sparkle!

I am passionate about cleaning up the city! What can I say? I don’t like trash on the streets! I started The Sparkle Initiative Corpus Christi earlier this year and work with the Beautify Corpus Christi Association to improve our city through combined efforts.  If you would like to donate to this cause or follow along, please visit the following sites:



“I helped us Sparkle! Happy Birthday, Sean!”

5) Tennis Success

 I have played tennis for 22 years and support my long-time friend Ronald Elizondo who created a non-profit for at-risk kids or those who might not have the funds to get professional tennis lessons.  He gets them on the court, helps with studies, and provides empowerment through his tennis coaching program. I wouldn’t support him if I didn’t believe in him.  It’s an awesome program. Visit the links to find out more and donate:



“Tennis Success Rocks! Happy Birthday, Sean!”

6) B and J’s Pizza

Come eat, drink, and smile with me!  If you are here in Corpus Christi on my birthday and aren’t ready for any of the above yet, come have some pizza with me @ 7:30pm on Tuesday July 26th, 2011.  I will be @ B and J’s Pizza on South Staples.  That’s what I want to do.  Come have a few laughs, a few slices, a few beers (if that’s what you like), and wish me a happy birthday!  The party may move after that but if you are reading this, then you are totally invited! You don’t have to bring anything and no need tell me anything else about the 5 other things on the list. The fact that you came to wish me a happy birthday means the world to me!


I look forward to finding out what you decided to do! There are all kinds of stories we can have. Share it all!

Enjoy Life and Live it with a Smile! That’s what Sean Knows!

Below is a video of my birthday gift to myself on Sunday! I went skydiving!Enjoy!

If you liked this blog, found it informative, funny, interesting or just enjoyed it in any way and want to thank me, feel free to buy me a cup of coffee, a spirit of your choice or leave a tip just like you would at a restaurant. If you found this useful, let me know. πŸ˜‰

If you liked this blog, found it informative, funny, interesting or just enjoyed it in any way and want to thank me, feel free to buy me a cup of coffee, a spirit of your choice or leave a tip just like you would at a restaurant. If you found this useful, let me know. πŸ˜‰

One thought on “6 Things 4 My Birthday

  1. You’re AWESOME Sean! I am definitely changing (and you know why). Thanks for all the love and support these past few weeks. I value our friendship so much. Happy Birthday Brother – Many Blessings. xoxo

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