A Poem for the Child In Us

Every Year I write a poem to family members and friends. It is typically handwritten and sometimes framed and for the family, recited on Christmas morning. It is a personal event at our household on Christmas. I think it has become a highlight of our family morning. It brings smiles and tears. I look forward to it every year. This was the poem from last year that Sierra, my daughter, recited for us. It was sublime.

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Samuel asked, “What if you slept?
and what if, in your sleep, you dreamed?”

Oh…What a beautiful journey if you simply began to step
                                and step after simple step…

                                                                             finally began to believe…

Oh to believe…
                         …in yourself….
                                               …and in possibility…

DREAM!…like a child.
                                            A smile is born.

Our fingers color around us the world…
In paints of hues of our own mind
and no such thing as shapes except those of our own dreamy kind!

Write your name in the air with your fingers –
Any color
Believe that you can see it.
Paint a whole wall…
…and then imagine it a door.

Now, walk through it…
Step by step.

You’ve just begun to believe!
             Imagination creates possibility!
                                      …and it CAN be your reality!

So now then, ask…
             “What if you awoke?…
                         …and in your awakeness, you dreamed?”

copyright © 2009 Sean Daniel Olivares

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