Never Give Up Again

When was the last time you gave up? What was it for? Was it worth it? Really, what was it about? Have a little think about it. When was the last time you felt like you had to ‘throw in the towel’? Was it easy or difficult?

I know that I have reached that point of threshold before in a number of situations. I’ve thrown in the towel on everything from relationships to jobs. Heck, I’ve even given up on everything from finishing a book once or twice to almost completely giving up on myself. Along the way, for whatever reason, it became the habit of quitting…and before I knew it, I had created the habit of starting and never finishing. Sure, I’ve got a completely solid reason as to why I did it every time. I’m sure you do too. I have a brilliant story behind why I didn’t follow through on something. I have a wonderful story about why I didn’t achieve my dreams. I have a very solid reason about why I believed that I had to give up. Don’t you have these same reasons?

What is your perfect story about why you haven’t followed through? Was it because of your parents? Was it a boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife? Or was it something that was or IS wrong with you? Do you have some mental, physical, or emotional affliction that gave way to why you absolutely had to quit?

These reasons…these stories are very real! I’m not discounting them at all! These are the stories that have created your reality. They have created the entire framework that you operate under. It is your programming. It is your life.

Is it good enough? Are the stories really good enough to make you happy? Think about that thing that you gave up on again? Why did you do it? Was it something you really wanted? Was it still worth it to give up on?

How about this? Is there something that you gave up on that you wish you hadn’t? If you knew that you could eliminate anything that would stop you from EVER quitting again, would you want to learn it? Would you still give up if you knew that you could get rid of any story, reason, belief that has held you back from getting what you want? You know damn well that if you had absolute certainty about being able to do anything in the world, you would go for it right here and now and you would not give up! If you knew that inside of you there was not a single thought or feeling that would stop you, your life would be unimaginably great!

The only thing holding you back from being the powerful person that you are is you. The only thing that gets you to NOT give up is you. Face your fears! Deny any story that you used to have any kind of power over you! That ominous feeling of uncertainty that has slowly gripped you and has had you turn away and stop short of filling your potential is all part of a mind game that you are playing with yourself! STOP IT!

Find the tools and skills to have complete control over your life! Become the person that will NEVER give up! You will never give up on you or the ones that you love OR the ones that love you! Be the strength in your life!

I believe that you, too, can conquer your fears just like I have. You can be that person who will ONLY settle for the very best! It will take work! It will take courage! It will take just making one decision. Make that decision to be that person. Have a vision of that person in your mind! Have that feeling permeate your entire body! Live it! Breathe it! Be it!

If this video doesn’t inspire you, I’m speechless!

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Enjoy Life and Live it with a Smile! That’s what Sean Knows!

Sean Olivares

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