Thank you!

I want to share my thanks with you for reading this and if I can give you a glimpse into who I am, let this be our introduction.  I am so thankful for every last bit of my life!  I am grateful so for my life and everything in it!  I am so grateful to God for this opportunity to have this life, and to share this experience with you!  Everyday I say this out loud to myself (and to those who might hear me as I’m walking or running by)  I am so grateful for my health!  I am SO grateful for my health!  I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR MY HEALTH! I’m grateful for the ability to breathe and walk and run and dance and that I have the energy to do whatever I want!

I am so grateful for my daughter and everything that she has brought to my life.  Her beauty and her unwavering love for me!  Her humor and the way she holds me!  I am so grateful for her mind and how she uses it!  I love her so much with everything that I’ve got! I love the way that she cares about others and can be so thoughtful!  I love every last part of her unconditionally!

I love my son and all of his energy!  He has the biggest heart I’ve ever met and is so strong in spirit.  He is happy and singing and laughing and is just brilliant and I love him.  He is handsome and charming and I am amazed with all that he is and all that he brings to my life!  I absolutely love them both immensely!  I love how they love me!

I love my mother and how she has always been there for me and is still.  She gives everything she’s got for us and I am so blessed to have her!

I am so thankful for my Aunt who has always supported me and is there in a pinch. We have had tons of laughs and experiences and I could not have ever gotten so far so quickly without her!

I am so grateful for my dad; resilient and strong, he also loves me unconditionally and I am so grateful to have been able to mend our relationship to have this friendship that we have now.  It is a blessing and filling!

I am so grateful for my brother!  His strength has held the family together and I love having a friend that I can feed off when it comes to personal growth and energy.  His level of creativity is that of a genius and I’ve never been more proud to be his brother!  I am so grateful to have him on this journey!

My sister is my best friend and I love her!  I am so grateful to have someone who knows me SO well and who I can share things without having to explain much at all before she understands!  I am so grateful for her humor and her love for me.  I am SO grateful and excited for the new life that stirs inside of her and my first time to be an uncle!

I am so grateful for the miracle of this family and all that I am able to give to it! I am so grateful for all that they give to me and have helped me become!

I am so grateful for the abundance of energy and love that is a wellspring inside of me and for the smiles I get to share!  I am so grateful for every one of my jobs and all the money I get to make to share experiences!  I am so grateful for the car (that I renamed from Persephone to Perspective so that I can know that I drive my Perspective!) that I get to drive!  I am grateful for every last thing that I own and the place that I live!  I love the feeling of freedom and am so grateful to have it!

I am so thankful that I have become the man that I have always wanted and that I shed the old skin that trapped my soul!  I am so glad to have met my soul and have a new vision of the life I know I’m supposed to lead! I’m thankful for being the guy who doesn’t run around the sprinklers when they are on but gets to feel the mist as I run for miles!  I am grateful for that breeze and the sun and moon, for beauty and truth and love, hope, excitement, and Shshshsh…quiet…I like that too!

I am so grateful that you are still reading this!

I am so grateful to be able to feel all the emotions of the world and better yet, to learn from them.  I am grateful to have this glimmer, this moment of life, this chance to  just FEEL!  I love it!  All of it!  I get to live it!  And I get to live it with you???!! No way???!!!  That’s awesome!

I love the people in my life!  I love my friends!  I love the lessons I’ve learned from them!  I love the laughs and the hugs and the conversations!  I am so grateful for even the ones that didn’t go well!  I am so grateful for the closest of my friends!  I am so grateful for Sabrina and all the love that she has brought to my life!  The journey has been so filling and joyous and I really could not have a better friend in this life!  The immense happiness that we get to share and the private jokes make my days never long enough.  Thank you! Thank you for being in my life and sharing so much with me!  It is a blessing I could have never imagined better!  If I could do it all over again, I’d still pick Sabrina.  The inspiration is powerful!

Thank you Chris, Robert, and Dustin for being the best friends that a guy could ever ask for!  One of you have been there all the time to share all the great laughs and the tough talks!  I am eternally grateful and wish for more of those days!  To the many lady friends that I’ve had who have shared their lives and their loves with me, I thank you!  Going old school with Connie, Clara, and Dora, thank the stars we never got charged for the hours and hours on the phone.  I’m blessed in the fact that I cannot name all the friends that I’ve ever had…well I could but the list would be endless.  I feel blessed to have met you all.  Notable mentions will always be Melinda S. wherever you go, and Rachal I will make it to see you some day, Mea and Rob, Alex, Ashley, Carly, Patrick, Joao, Ruhi, Jamoose, R.S.III, Samson, Colin, Cassie, LD, KT, CharBear, J. Burns, Leachim, Coop, JCJ, Marina V., Kristal, Krystal, and Kurt.  The list can keep going!  I am grateful for the laughs with Monique, Stella, Steph, and don’t you think I’ll ever forget you Gen!  I can still hear your laugh and your scoldings in the back of my head!  I love it!  I love the memories both good and bad because they have reminded me how much I’ve lived, how much I’ve grown, and how much more of life I want to have.  Wow!  All of you fill me up whether you are here or not!  And I can guarantee that if I did not mention your name here, that I have thought or think about you, write about you, and even speak about you in a jovial way!

I’m grateful for anyone who has shared part of this journey with me and if you have ever helped me get to where I am, believed in me, and especially if you have supported my crazy endeavors!  I am thankful if you’ve ever bought anything from me because it put food in my belly.  Thanks for that!  There is so much more that I didn’t mention but I just wanted to send out a big thank you and let you get to know me first like that.  The rest can come later.

I am so thankful to all of you that I don’t know yet.  I am grateful to know that you are out there, and that you are reading this and knowing that someday we might meet!  I thank you for reading this and you know that you always have a friend out here that is smiling and wishing the best for you!  You have someone here who will demand the best out of you!  I’m here for you!  I’m SO grateful that you let me share this with you and if you see me running down the street pushing myself to the limit, honk 3 times so I know that it’s you!  If you meet me, we can have a chat about something!  That’s what life is about!  Live it!  Don’t hold back!

Enjoy Life and live it with a smile!  That’s what Sean Knows!

Thank you!


Sean D. Olivares


P.S.  Next time we talk about why I’m so grateful.


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